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MypaperAd.Com is India's simplest classified Line, Classified Display General Display booking services! Through our service you can book classified Ads for all leading Indian Newspapers – at no extra charges!. You can book your Newspaper Ad instantly for any category such as Matrimonial Ad Agency, Property Ad Agency, Recruitment Ad Agency, Business Ad Agency, Education Ad Agency, Public Notice Ad Agency, Court Notice Ad Agency, Tenders Ad Agency, Name Change Ad Agency, Lost Found Ad Agency, Missing Ad Agency, Business Ad Agency, Finance Ad Agency, Services Ad Agency, Obituary Ad Agency ....etc.
Q: Is it possible for to offer best market rate? A: Yes. We have more media buying power because we are among top agencies in India. Plus we are alert and hence get last minute rates and excellent package discounts. Our rates are unbeatable. Q: What about creativity? A: We believe in creativity that works. Our client’s ad response in the past is proof. Creativity is in understanding what customer wants, conveying it in simple but interesting manner. Please go through our creative portfolio. Q: Tell me in one line, why should I hire you? A: Only for right guidance, backed by 10, 000+ clients and 15 years of experience. Q. What Kinds Of Ads do you accept? A: We accept 1. Classified Text Ads 2. Classified Display ads 3. Display ads Q: Which are the publications books ads for? A: Currently we book ads for all the leading newspapers of India Q: Whom do I contact if I have any other questions, problems, or suggestions? A: You can write to us at – Or Call us 9381246800, 9025311144 on Your valuable feedback and suggestions are always welcome. And we will be more than happy to hear from you and address your issues at the earliest. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details Q: What are the payment options available? A: You can make the payment by Transfer or cheque or DD. To make payment online Q: How are classified text ads different from classified display ads? A: Classified text ads: These ads are the simplest way to advertise. Such an Ad consists of a text of characters with/ without enhancements. Classified display ads: Such an Ad uses a border for higher visibility and greater impact. Q: How are classified display ads different from display ads? A: Classified display ads: These are high visibility ads which can be booked with logos/ images. Display ads: These are more expensive ads and appears on the page as, or on the page adjacent to, general editorial content. Q : What is the ideal time to place an ad? A: We recommend our clients to place ad orders before its publishing date. Preferably, three-to-four days prior to the release date of the ad as there are times when you are unable get the proper category if you want to release it on an immediate basis. Q : Can I get the preferred location and page for my advertisement? A : (a) - There is no commitment of location and page number in the text classified and display classified ads. (b) - You can fix the location and page number only in display ads. Q : How will I come to know that my ad is being displayed? A: We are here to inform you when your ad will be displayed, via email or phone. Q : How can I find my ad in the newspaper? A: You can check out your advertisement in the E-Paper of publications. Q : Do you also provide the advertisement services to clients outside India? A: Yes, we also offer print advertisement services outside India. Q : Do I need to pay right now for my ad to be published? A: yes, you need to pay money in advance; once we get the payment we will give you confirmation by writing. We will send you invoice accordingly.
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We Book All Types of Public Notice Ads Lost and Found Ads Legal Notice Ads Property Public Notice Ads Share Certificate Lost Ads Gift Notice Ads Government Notice Ads Change of Name Ads Change of Company Address Notice Ads Gazette Notice Ads Address Change Notice Ads Personal Ads Divorcee Notice Ads No Affiliation Notice Ads Redevelopment Notice Ads Bank Notice Ads Tender Ads Possession Ads +91 9025311144 +91 9381246800 +91 9025515992
We Book All Types of Public Notice Ads Lost and Found Ads, Legal Notice Ads, Property Public Notice Ads, Share Certificate Lost Ads, Gift Notice Ads, Government Notice Ads, Change of Name Ads, Change of Company Address Notice Ads, Gazette Notice Ads, Address Change Notice Ads, Personal Ads, Divorcee Notice Ads, No Affiliation Notice Ads, Redevelopment Notice Ads, Bank Notice Ads, Tender Ads, Possession Ads, Call : 9025311144 whats app : 9381246800 9025515992
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